Condition de remboursement

The Client agrees to pay the fees of Bestoffshores. In addition to the fees set out on the website, the Client acknowledges that Bestoffshores has the right to reimburse all expenses.

Bestoffshores will commence work only after the receipt of full payment of fees. All fees and charges are payable in the currency designated by Bestoffshores which is usually the Euro. The Client is not entitled to withhold any fees or expenses due to claims related to any service, any warranty or liability. Similarly, any right to compensation from the Client is hereby excluded.
Bestoffshores cannot be held responsible if the required services cannot be established.

In the case of a Bank Account application Bestoffshores acts as a third party in the relationship between the Bank and the Client and Bestoffshores can in no way be held responsible for the conduct of either party in the relationship between the Bank and the Client. Bestoffshores has no power to act and does not claim to act as an employee, representative or member of management of the Bank and / or signed on its behalf or incur any liability whatsoever on behalf of the Bank.

The involvement of Bestoffshores ends with the opening of the account by the Bank and thereafter all communication and contractual relationships are between the Client and the Bank only.

Any Client may cancel his request within seven calendar days of the request to open a Bank Account or the request to create an offshore Company and this is the only circumstance in which refunds will be provided.


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